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Part of the City Image
In Toronto, there are few buildings and landmarks which have become a defining image for the city. Places like CN Tower or Rogers Centre (Skydome) will always be included in a typical image of Toronto. There are also other places that will be almost instantly recognized by all those who live in and around the city. Palace Pier is a good example for such case. Located right on Lakeshore towards west of Toronto's downtown core, Palace Pier's presence on the lakefront property have become a staple for luxury condominium image in Toronto.
Balanced Lifestyle
Palace Pier occupies prime real estate within the city. It is at a perfect distance from downtown, making it easy for you to commute without having to deal with the hassle of downtown living. It is also surrounded by beautiful parks. You can follow the bike trail right to High Park or run along the lake while enjoying fresh air and beautiful cityscape. The perfect balance of city life and nature makes Palace Pier a coveted property that everyone dreams of owning.
True Luxury
Location is only just the beginning when you're talking about advantages of Palace Pier. Palace Pier redefines the very definition of luxury condominium. Although there are plenty of parks and recreational facilities around the complex, Palace Pier also has over 9 acres of private park space, which includes tennis court, picnic area, bike path, and so on. While most condominiums offer the bare minimum possible to save costs, Palace Pier puts luxury living as priority to ensure a higher quality of life for its resident.
Even services such as valet parking differentiates Palace Pier from typical condominiums. While most condos offer 24 hour concierge or security guard service, Palace Pier offers another level of service by offering a suite alarm system monitored by the concierge. To sum, Palace Pier has been designed from the beginning to offer a higher living standard for its residents, offering an exclusive lifestyle only possible from Palace Pier.
Palace Pier's Demand
But since Palace Pier is such an exclusive building, having a truly free access before purchasing a unit may prove to be difficult. When a Palace Pier unit is put on the market, there are usually a long list of people waiting to view the unit right away, creating a back log of potential visitors. This means that if you are at end of the line, the unit is likely to be sold even before you have a time to visit the unit with your realtor.
Exclusive Access to Palace Pier
In order to provide a better service for those interested in purchasing a unit within Palace Pier, Irene Goodman offers exclusive access to her clients, which is unavailable to typical realtors. Since she herself resides and works from Palace Pier, it is easier for her than others to obtain information, and of course access to Palace Pier itself. Since she exclusively deals with properties within Palace Pier, she always has insider information regarding availability or any other type of information which will be vital to your purchasing plans.
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But even after all this explanation, nothing will be better than for you to visit Palace Pier yourself. Once you see all the luxury and comfort Palace Pier offers, you will wonder how you even considered other condominiums as your residence. To book an appoint with Irene Goodman, or to plan a visit to Palace Pier for a viewing, please visit or call Irene Goodman at 416-236-1005.

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